Love life getting you down? Trying to navigate the current dating scene? These monologues all involve characters that could be well on their way to full commitment… or perhaps full disaster. A funny piece for a comedic actor. Get the monologue here. George reminisces on how much happier he was when they were together. After their break up, Laura removed any trace of him from ever existing in her life. Carlo is modest about his immense wealth and is seemingly perfect. But, something seems wrong to Cindy.

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Verrrryyy clever. So you were able to play by your own rules. You spared the life of a single person. I know what you did. You murdered her. And then you went back, because you regretted it.

strive to find new monologues which will make an auditioner HARRY is trying to get up the nerve to phone a girl for a date. I might as well try video dating.

This site is devoted to monologues written by Eric Bogosian featured in theatrical productions between and Eric Bogosian originally performed these monologues as segments of Off-Broadway solos directed by Jo Bonney. In , he asked friends if they would each take on a monologue to video. We owe a huge thank you to all of the people who contributed to our Kickstarter campaign.

Without all of you we wouldn’t have been able to continue releasing these videos at no cost. Listed below is everyone who made this possible. All monologues are copyrighted, all rights reserved.

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If you’re looking for female monologues , look no further. Here’s a list of some of the best audition pieces in the world. These dramatic and comedic audition monologues are aimed at getting you the part. Clicking a link will take you to a PDF version of the monologue. Print it out and take lots of notes! This site gets thousands of visitors every day; from all over the world.

Film Title/Year and Description of Film Speech/Monologue An Overbearing Match-Making Mother Completing a Computer Dating Service Questionnaire For​.

The radical international theatre project sharing the voices of hijab-wearers is both serious and playful — but needs to be more fearless. Prop of the patriarchy? Expression of emancipation? A non-issue? In the west, discussions about hijabis — Muslim women who wear the headscarf — often concentrate on passivity or piety. Those tired traits are blown away by the female playwrights behind Hijabi Monologues.

Referred to as a project rather than a play, the piece has a set of core monologues but incorporates new writing from each place to which it tours. Performed by a talented cast of six, the nine monologues at the Bush differed in subject matter and tone but were united by a sense of reclaiming representation — hijabis talking for themselves rather than be talked about.

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Even though Sex and the City premiered 20 years ago today, there are some elements of the show that haven’t aged at all. Despite tackling dating problems pre-texting and Tinder, so many of the breakups and relationship doubts that the show explored feel just as relatable today as they were in Here are 20 episodes to watch based on your current relationship status:.

Both Carrie and Samantha date younger men who end up being disappointing, culminating with Carrie waking up in a bong-filled, absolutely filthy apartment. Basically, you’re not alone in wishing men would generally grow up. Ok, to be fair, Mr.

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Emily is a woman in her twenties who becomes involved in a polyamorous relationship. She is mostly talking to the audience, but sometimes she addresses her friend Rita , who is onstage with her, and sometimes she talks to the man in question. To Rita. Contrary to popular opinion, there are not plenty of fish in the sea, and even if there are, none of them are interested in my bait. And I guess that’s why, when I saw him again, and he started telling me about how wasn’t ready for a new relationship, and how he actually thinks that dating is pretty stupid Which, to be fair, is essentially true.

It is kind of ridiculous to think that there’s one person out there for every other person, and that one person can meet all of your needs, and that anyone could really be satisfied with only one person, for all time

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Alexander Vassenberg is a renowned chef who works in a French restaurant in Brussels. However, he is unique in his profession because he cannot see. A blind chef, he shares his passion for the culinary arts as he leads guests on a tour through the restaurant where he works. As he introduces them into his world, he is forced to resurface some of the trauma and pain of his own past and recognize that healing is a long, brave process.

In our world of constant internet, many long-lasting couples are starting to meet online. Julie, a year-old living at home with her mother, is a previously closeted girl who likes girls.

When I ended up single in a small town, I turned to a dating app. But finding someone fully and messily human was harder than I thought.

Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Gone Girl Quotes Showing of Hot and understanding. Cool Girls never get angry; they only smile in a chagrined, loving manner and let their men do whatever they want.

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In the dating game, the word Virgin has become as strange and complicated as the word Love, with purity as outdated as pay phones. What is an ex-atheist, post-porn addict, unorthodox Christian girl to do these days? How can she create boundaries without scaring off every available guy? Is purity even possible without being puritanical?

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Inappropriate Fundraising “Keynote Speech”. In Woody Allen’s irreverent, and slapstick political satire, Fielding Mellish Woody Allen , as accidental leader of the tiny fictional Central American island nation of San Marcos, delivered a stuttering, outrageously inappropriate keynote speech at a high society fundraiser:. Although the United States is, uh, a very rich country and San Marcos is a very poor one, there are a great many things we have to offer your country in return for aid.

For instance, there, uh, there are locusts. Uh, we have more locusts than These, these locusts, incidentally, are available at popular prices. And so, by the way, are most of the women of San Marcos They also fail to realize that before Columbus discovered your country, he stopped in San Marcos and contracted a disease which today can be cured with one shot of penicillin Brian’s Song Screenwriter s : William Blinn.

Locker Room Address. Play clip excerpt :. Gale Sayer’s Billy Dee Williams haltingly spoken locker-room address to his fellow players on Brian Piccolo’s James Caan cancer, breaking down into uncontrollable sobs that caused him to prematurely end his speech:. Uhm, you uh, all know that we hand out a game ball to the outstanding player.

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